Wednesday , 24 January 2018
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Apple iPhone 5 available for pre-orders in India

Apple iPhone 5 available for pre-orders in India

 Apple iPhone 5 available for pre-orders in India Apple iPhone 5 is now available for pre-orders in India and will start shipping in the first week of November. Online retailer Infibeam has listed the 16GB version of the latest iPhone on its website and is taking pre-orders for advance booking amount of Rs 5,000. iPhone 5 is widely expected to be ... Read More »

Cyber criminals target travelers

CNN) — A recent warning from the FBI about hackers targeting guests’ data when they log into hotel Wi-Fi overseas was a salient reminder to travelers of the risks to data security on the road. The alert, from the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, was addressed to U.S. executives, government workers and academics but did not specify a particular country ... Read More »

Spamhaus Releases BGP Feed to Help ISPs

Spamhaus, the company that dedicates its existence to combating spam and other malicious elements, has made available new products designed to help Internet Service Providers (ISPs), network service providers (NSPs), and web hosting providers make sure that “bad traffic” is stopped from entering their infrastructures. The new service is called the Spamhaus BGP feed (BGPf) and it includes a number ... Read More »

Obama Proposes Stricter Anti-Hacking Laws

Hackers will face tougher penalties in the U.S. if the Obama administration’s proposed cyber-security measures become law, in an attempt to deter attacks on critical online infrastructure. Under the new law, hackers would face 20 years in prison for endangering national security, 10 years for stealing data and three years for accessing a government computer. The proposal doubles the penalties ... Read More »

Malware Development Becomes Illegal in Japan

The Japanese parliament enacted new legislation that makes malware development a crime punishable by up to three years in prison. Up until now, malware writers could be prosecuted only on destruction of property charges if their creations actually caused damage. Under the revised provisions of the Penal Code adopted with support from both the ruling party and the opposition, those ... Read More »