Wednesday , 24 January 2018
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LinkedIn passwords reportedly leaked online

Researchers from Skycure Security have taken their time to analyze the iOS version of the LinkedIn application and they’ve discovered what they call a privacy issue. They have reached the conclusion after they found that the mobile app sends detailed calendar entries back to the company’s servers. The feature itself is interesting because it allows users to view their phone’s ... Read More »

Austrian hackers publish private police data

VIENNA (AP) — An Austrian hackers group has published the names and home addresses of nearly 25,000 police officials, a move critics say compromises the individuals’ personal security. Police say the data hacked by AnonAustria contains private information for more than 24,938 law enforcement officials, ranging from beat officers to senior commanders. Police union official Walter Scharinger said Monday the ... Read More »

Italian Police Syndicate Website Defaces by Anonymous

Hackers associated with the Italian branch of Anonymous have broken into the website of the prison police syndicate (SAPPE) and defaced it with a political message. People visiting, the website of the Italian Independent Prison Police Syndicate (Sindacato Autonomo Polizia Penitenziaria – SAPPE) yesterday were greeted by an illustration depicting the LulzSec and Anonymous logos together with nyan cat. ... Read More »

Anonymous Hits US Government Contractor ManTech

Anonymous has published around 400 MB of confidential documents involving ManTech, a large federal contractor which provides IT solutions to many government departments. The hacktivist collective announced plans to release the files yesterday and even posted some teaser samples to prove it means business. The full archive was eventually released in true Anonymous style, with a press release on Pastebin ... Read More »

German national cyber security centre attacked by hackers

Just a few weeks after German authorities opened a national Cyber Defense Centre in Bonn, it was attacked by hackers and now officials are struggling to arrest all of those involved. While security authorities reported they had arrested two members of the hacking group linked to the attacks, the group released a statement saying that only its leader was under ... Read More »

Anatomy of an Online Attack

Many of the serious attacks today are botnets, where collections of infected computers are controlled remotely by cyber-criminals. When a computer is attacked, there is usually a pattern associated with these bots from the initial infection to the loading of additional threats that lead to identity theft, unknowingly sending spam or participating in denial of service (DoS) attacks. The infographic below ... Read More »