Wednesday , 24 January 2018
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Near Me offers platform for sharing-economy marketplaces

Online marketplaces that help people make money off their spare time, goods or services are Silicon Valley’s latest craze. […] a San Francisco company called Near Me offers a “just-add-water” software platform for companies large and small that want to create their own sharing economy marketplace. Canal boats in Amsterdam, dog-sitters in New Zealand, and golf clubs and golf lessons in South Carolina are among the markets Near Me has powered, said co-founder and CEO Michelle Regner. Next big movementRegner said she and co-founder Adam Broadway, the chief technical officer, see “collaborative commerce” not as a trend but as the next big movement. Near Me used its software to create a market called Desks Near Me that lets companies rent out extra office space. ‘Plug and play’Near Me’s features include payment processing, extensive analytics and a custom iPhone app. “The system is all plug and play,” said Brett Stockley of Securabike, an Australian company that lets people rent their bike lockers. Berkeley’s MyTurn has a platform for businesses, universities and municipal governments to create marketplaces for underutilized assets.