Monday , 22 January 2018
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12 predictions, 5 years: The future of programming

We gaze into our coding crystal ball to find the sure bets and intriguing developments developers should target in the next five years. Technology trends move fast, and the tools for building those technologies constantly evolve. If you don’t lift your head up to look past your current projects, you could end up coding yourself down a rabbit hole. To ... Read More »

If Your Emails Are Being Watched, Manage Your Privacy & Security

If you thought that your emails and the information inside them are safe as long as your account does not get hacked, it’s time for a nasty shock. Many governments across the world admit (some of them openly so) to snooping in on emails exchanged between people for various reasons, mainly for reasons of defence and internal security. If you ... Read More »

Government with Google to launch PMO app contest

NEW DELHI: Google will collaborate with the Union government to launch a nationwide contest to develop a mobile app for the Prime Minister’s office. On Monday, Google released a statement supporting and endorsing the PM’s "digital India" programme. The app is one of the government initiatives where Google has pledged support. The internet giant says it will also work with ... Read More »

Tiny robot learns to fly a real plane

A small, hobby-sized robot could herald the pilot of the future. At just 39.7cm (15.6in) tall, PIBOT — a portmanteau of "pilot" and "robot" and not to be confused with Raspberry Pi-powered PiBot or 3D printer PiBot — has been trained by researchers at KAIST to fly a human-sized aeroplane. The robot used by the team — Heejin Jeong, David ... Read More »

Amazon’s ‘made-for-India’ hiring strategy may soon go global

MUMBAI: Amazon’s ‘made-for-India’ hiring strategy may soon go global. The e-commerce giant is exploring the idea of rolling out Building Operations Leadership (BOLD), its MBA hiring programme unique to India, to other countries as well. "BOLD was launched specifically for India in 2011.  Now we have been talking about introducing it in other markets as well," Raj Raghavan, director, HR, ... Read More »