Wednesday , 24 January 2018
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Common Email Mistakes That Will Haunt Most Professionals

Navigating your email campaigns into your customer’s inbox can be a scary process. Broken links, wrong subject lines, using spam words – these spooky mistakes that can haunt an email marketer for weeks. Let’s identify these common errors, how to avoid them and maybe, just maybe you’ll come out of the process in one piece. 1. Broken links It’s always ... Read More »

10 Of The Best Android Apps From October

From maps to micro-investments, we covered a lot of ground with new Android apps in October. Here we present you with our selection of some of the best newcomers from the past month. HERE Maps Nokia’s HERE maps is one of the four major global online mapping services, alongside Google, TomTom and OpenStreetMap. And it finally launched for Android this ... Read More »

Samsung Fires Another Shot At Microsoft In Android Patent Battle

You might think that Samsung stopped paying Android patent licensing fees to Microsoft because of concerns about the viability of Microsoft’s Android patents, but that’s not what Samsung has been arguing. Instead, Samsung’s position has been that Microsoft’s Nokia acquisition breached the patent license agreement. Now, Samsung has added some more details to this defense: Paying Microsoft after the acquisition ... Read More »

Social Network Logs Into Divorce Battles

CHENNAI: When 27-year-old K Subramani* was asked to produced evidence in the family court to validate his claim that his wife was "immoral", he flashed a pixilated photo of a young woman in a sleeveless shirt and jeans with another man in the background. It was a photo dating to his wife’s college days that was put up on Facebook ... Read More »

Ericsson To Help IIT Students Develop Patents

NEW DELHI: Swedish telecom gear maker Ericsson has announced a programme to help IIT engineers develop technology patents and said that intellectual property rights will be owned by the developer team or students.  Under the programme, the company will select two projects which will get a funding of Rs 10 lakh each and developers may even get access to its ... Read More »