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Security tips

Protect your Email via Secure Desktop

Protect your Email via Secure Desktop So you have been tasked with securing your organization’s email services. There are quite a few guides available on the Internet and in different computer bookstores that can take you through the basics – and if you are ahead of the game you may have already done your homework. So you have looked at ... Read More »

How to disable Windows Auto-Play for removable drives

Stop the popup every time you plug in a USB drive !!    To disable AutoPlay for an individual device: Plug the device into your computer and allow any drivers to install completely. The AutoPlay window will pop up for the first time. Simply close it by clicking the red X. Disconnect the device, and then plug it back in. ... Read More »

How To Hide Your IP Address

You’ve probably heard about IP (Internet Protocol) addresses and how they can be used to track your activity online but did you know it’s fairly easy to obscure your IP address to cover your tracks? Since IP addresses are one of the primary identifiers on the Internet the ability to hide your IP address is very important from a web ... Read More »

10 Tips for safer Social Networking

10 Tips for safer Social Networking Did you know you’re a target every time you go online? Did you know that cyber criminals are targeting social networking sites? Do you know how to recognize a phishing attempt? Following these tips will help make your use of social networking sites safer. (Unfortunately, there’s no way to guarantee that you can use them ... Read More »

Top 5 Criteria for Selection of the Right Modules & Suppliers for Cellular M2M Applications

For Cellular machine-to-machine (M2M) applications, the wireless module is typically the highest price component of the design.  Setting price and required features aside, it is critical to select the right module and module supplier based on the following top five criteria to mitigate re-design and re-certification costs: 1)    What is the EOL (End of Life) policy and EOL history of ... Read More »

Troubleshooting Outlook Secure Temp Folder

When working with Outlook folders administrators will often run into the question of how to manage the Outlook Secure Temp Folder. Sometimes users are not able to open the attachments that come with their emails specifically addressed to them. This problem can be very irritating especially to an end user who has been waiting for a very important email message. ... Read More »