Monday , 22 January 2018
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Fake LinkedIn Invitations Lead to Drive-By Downloads

A new wave of rogue emails posing as LinkedIn invitations is directing recipients to a page hosting an exploit pack that drops malware on their computers.The messages bear subjects of the form “[Name] at [Company] wants to connect on LinkedIn” and have forged headers to appear as if they originate from a email address. It seems the attackers used ... Read More »

Kaspersky Lab Phishing Attacks On eBay Halved In April

Per usual, spammers exploited Easter to attract more attention to their mass mailings Abingdon, UK, 31 May 2011 – Compared to the previous month, the amount of spam in email traffic increased by 1.2 per cent and averaged 80.8 per cent, according to Kaspersky Lab’s most recent monthly spam assessment. In the second half of April, the average figure exceeded ... Read More »

More Infected Apps Pulled from the Android Market

A new batch of 26 apps were removed from the Android Market after they were found to be infected with a variant of the DroidDream trojan. The trojanized apps were discovered by mobile security company Lookout or reported to by their original developers. The practice of repackaging legitimate Android apps with malware originated in China and Russia where the use ... Read More »

New Scareware Campaign Uses Fake Firefox Security Alerts

Security researchers from Sophos warn of a new scareware campaign that directs Firefox users to rogue pages mimicking the security alerts normally issued by the browser. Firefox leverages Google’s Safe Browsing API to prevent users from visiting websites that have been flagged as malicious. The Safe Browsing service aggregates information from various third-party sources and Google’s own specialized crawlers. When ... Read More »

The Top Three Malware-Based Threats To Small And Midsize Businesses

SMBs wrestle to handle Zeus Attacks, website infections, and business-logic vulnerabilities 1. Zeus Attack Tool Kit Preconstructed attack software, such as the dreaded Zeus toolkit, has revolutionized the cybercrime “industry,” experts say. “Attack toolkits have lowered the bar so that anybody with even a limited amount of technical skills can get in the game — and [these toolkits are] certainly ... Read More »

Dangerous Denial of Service Bug Patched in BIND

The Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) has released security updates for the BIND DNS server software in order to address a serious denial of service vulnerability. The vulnerability, identified as CVE-2011-1910, could be exploited by attackers to crash a large number of BIND 9 DNS resolvers by sending specially crafted domain queries. “The nature of this vulnerability would allow remote exploit. ... Read More »