Monday , 22 January 2018
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Rootkit infection requires Windows reinstall, says Microsoft

Microsoft is telling Windows users that they’ll have to reinstall the operating system if they get infected with a new rootkit that hides in the machine’s boot sector. A new variant of a Trojan Microsoft calls “Popureb” digs so deeply into the system that the only way to eradicate it is to return Windows to its out-of-the-box configuration, Chun Feng, ... Read More »

Apple warned of phishing attack threat to iPhone, iPad and Mac OS developers

Apple’s website for Mac OS X, iPhone and iPad developers has a vulnerability that could lead to phishing attacks, according to a hacker group. The Apple website vulnerability could allow an attacker to specify a link to another site through a “redirect,” which could simplify phishing attacks, claims the YGN Ethical Hacker Group. The outfit, dedicated to finding website security ... Read More »

Android Malware Delivery Techniques Used for Advertising Fraud

Security researchers warn that application repackaging, a technique commonly used to distribute Android malware, has started being used in advertising fraud schemes. It’s already well known that Android malware distributors are taking legit apps that appeal to users and repackage them together with trojans. The rogue apps are then distributed from unofficial app markets or even Google’s official application store, ... Read More »

ThePirateBay Deletes LulzSec’s Last Torrent over Malware

The last torrent published by LulzSec before it disbanded this weekend has been removed from ThePirateBay because it contained a piece of malware. Under the name “50 Days of Lulz,” the release contained information stolen by the hacker group from AT&T, AOL, FBI affiliates, gaming forums, NATO’s e-Bookshop site and various other organizations. The torrent was deleted by ThePirateBay moderators ... Read More »

Plunderous Malware Makes Off With Bags of BitCoins

The value of the virtual currency BitCoins has crashed recently due to a piece of malware designed to allow thieves to steal users’ electronic loot. Security experts have urged caution in dealing with BitCoin, though this certainly isn’t the first time the value of the virtual currency has fluctuated greatly. A new malware attack aimed at stealing BitCoin wallets is ... Read More »

New Android Malware Found in Official Market Apps

Google removed a new set of apps from the official Android Market after security researchers found them to be infected with a new piece of malware. Dubbed Plankton, after the malicious Java file downloaded to the system, the trojan is capable of stealing browser history and bookmarks, as well as login credentials for popular services, however, the latter functionality doesn’t ... Read More »