Monday , 22 January 2018
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Trojan Spreading Through Facebook

Trojan Spreading Through Facebook Replaces Antivirus Programs Security researchers warn about a trojan spreading through Facebook and having an unusually sophisticated payload which involves replacing the legit antivirus programs used by its victims. A lot of effort has been put by its creators into the trojan’s propagation routine which uses advanced social engineering, in some respects resembling the Koobface worm. ... Read More »

Rustock Clean-Up Efforts Are Proving Effective

Three months after it teamed up with the FBI to take down the infamous Rustock botnet, Microsoft announced it has succeeded in getting rid of over half its zombies removed. In March, the botnet’s command and control servers were wiped out, but that left over 1.6 million PCs infected with its malware. Although the infection was more or less dormant since ... Read More »

Unpaid Credit Card Notifications Linked to Spam

Spammers have become quite adept at social engineering over the years. Tapping into Internet trends, breaking news and societal issues, they are able to help increase the number of emails that are opened when they flood potential victims with spam. Just recently spammers have again taken advantage of the current economic situation by sending emails out that pose as a ... Read More »

Zbot steals mobile transaction authentication numbers from Android

Security researchers have identified a Zbot component designed for Android which steals mobile transaction authentication numbers send by banks via SMS. ZeuS, aka Zbot, is one of the most popular banking trojans. Even though the original author of the malware has retired, the source code is available online for anyone to modify and fit it to their needs. Zbot originally ... Read More »

Android Spyware Can Switch C&C Servers

Security researchers have identified a new piece of Android spyware which spreads via repackaged applications and is capable of switching between different command and control servers. Dubbed GoldDream, the trojan was discovered on alternative Android markets by Xuxian Jiang, assistant professor in the NC State University’s department of computer science. // <![CDATA[// The peice of malware is designed to spy ... Read More »

WordPress warns server admins of Trojans

Companies and bloggers that run their own WordPress installations should make sure that they have not downloaded any of three popular plugins that were, for about 24 hours, playing host to malicious code, WordPress creator Auttomatic warned. “The WordPress team noticed suspicious commits to several popular plugins containing cleverly disguised backdoors,” wrote Matt Mullenweg, a founding developer of Auttomatic. “We ... Read More »