Wednesday , 24 January 2018
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Hackers using Skype to attack Windows PCs

Hackers using Skype to attack Windows PCs

Free internet-calling service Skype is being used by hackers to distribute a ‘worm’ that infects users Windows PCs. On clicking an instant message saying “lol is this your new profile pic?” users are unwittingly downloading a file containing a Trojan  horse  malware file. This opens a backdoor allowing hackers to hijack infected PCs and recruit them into a “botnet army“. ... Read More »

Cross-platform Trojan attacks Windows, Intel Macs, Linux

Summary : A second cross-platform Trojan downloader has been discovered that detects if you’re running Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux, and then downloads the corresponding malware for your platform. Unlike the first one, which supported PowerPC Macs, this one does Intel x86 Macs.   Earlier this week I wrote about a new cross-platform Trojan downloader that detects if you’re ... Read More »

Virus Bulletin News Tweets Hide Malware Attacks

Tweets that are supposed to bring users the latest news from the Virus Bulletin conference in Barcelona are leading unsuspecting internauts to malicious elements that infect their computers. Malware City discovered a few Twitter posts that say “news from VB conference here,” but instead of news, the unsuspecting victim is served a chain of malevolent files that unleash chaos. An ... Read More »

Keylogger Threatens U.S. Military Drones

Host Based Security Systems discovered a virus two weeks ago in the cockpit of a few U.S drones stationed at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada , which are normally used for missions all around the world. According to Wired, the keylogger seems to have infected Predator and Reaper drones and by silently operating in their structure it logged every ... Read More »

New Mac Trojan Hijacks Google Searches

Security researchers from F-Secure have identified a new Mac OS X click fraud trojan which hijacks Google searches by inserting a rogue DNS entry into the hosts file. The trojan comes hidden as a Fake Player installer so it is probably distributed as part of a social engineering attack that asks users to update Flash Player to see a video ... Read More »

New Android Trojan Records Phone Calls

Security researchers from CA have identified a trojan for the Android platform which records phone calls and uploads them to a server under the attackers’ control. The trojan hides itself as a service called Android System Messaging and asks for permission to intercept outgoing calls on installation. Unfortunately, most Android users have gotten so used to these permission dialogs that ... Read More »