Monday , 22 January 2018
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Google Launches User-Friendly ‘Inbox’ App, Alternative To Gmail

Google is offering its users a completely new and better experience of its mailing service. And in an effort to do this, the company has launched a new email service, an alternative to Gmail, called “Inbox” on Wednesday that aims to make email more useful and preview next-generation capabilities. Inbox will not replace Gmail, the company’s popular 10-year-old email product, ... Read More »

The Bash Vulnerability: How to Protect your Environment

A recently discovered hole in the security of the Bourne-Again Shell (bash) has the majority of Unix/Linux (including OS X) admins sweating bullets. You should be, too–attackers have already developed exploits to unleash on unpatched web servers, network services and daemons that use shell scripts with environment variables (this can include network equipment, industrial devices, etc.) Read More »