Monday , 22 January 2018
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More Celebrity Nude Photos Leaked — Kim Kardashian and Others Targeted

So far people have not forgotten about the recent celebrity iCloud hacking scandal, a new wave of nude photographs of celebrities have been leaked in what appears to be the second edition of the massive leak related to the celebrities intimate-images on Internet earlier this month. Among the victims of the most recent leak were reality television star Kim Kardashian, ... Read More »

Malicious Google DoubleClick Advertisements Distributed Malware to Millions of Computers

Cyber criminals have exploited the power of two online advertising networks, Google’s DoubleClick and popular Zedo advertising agency, to deliver malicious advertisements to millions of internet users that could install malware on a user’s computer. A recent report published by the researcher of the security vendor Malwarebytes suggests that the cyber criminals are exploiting a number of Read More »

Avira Vulnerability Puts Users’ Online Backup Data At Risk

A popular Anti-virus software Avira that provides free security software to its customers with Secure Backup service is vulnerable to a critical web application vulnerability that could allow an attacker to take over users’ account, putting millions of its users’ account at risk. Avira is very popular for their free security software that comes with its own real-time protection module Read More »

Yahoo Quickly Fixes SQL Injection Vulnerability Escalated to Remote Code Execution

Yahoo! was recently impacted by a critical web application vulnerabilities which left website’s database and server vulnerable to hackers. A cyber security expert and penetration tester, Ebrahim Hegazy a.k.a Zigoo from Egypt, has found a serious SQL injection vulnerability in Yahoo’s website that allows an attacker to remotely execute any commands on its server with Root Privileges. Read More »

CloudFlare tackles lost SSL key risk with Keyless SSL

Organizations looking for and concerned about optimal security protection are the targets of a new service announced by San Francisco-based CloudFlare. The offering is called Keyless SSL. CloudFlare explained that “An SSL key is the data that allows an organization to establish a secure connection with the customers that connect to it. It is also the data that lets an ... Read More »