Monday , 22 January 2018
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Better Ways to Define Email Marketing Success



I have been in the email and digital marketing space for a long time. The start of my career was seeded in the data-intense direct mail space before making the leap over the digital divide. The good and bad of the email channel is that engagement is very trackable. We can see who has opened a message, when they opened it, when they clicked, where they navigated next, all the way through to purchase or abandon. As data-driven marketers, we get drunk on this type of data – but are we losing sight of the actual purpose of what we do?

Defining Success by Engagement Rates

Too often, brands determine the success of their email marketing programs by only evaluating engagement rates. After all, if recipients are engaging by opening and/or clicking your emails, have you not achieved your goal? Realistically, no. Unless of course the goal of the message is to simply get eyes on the brand. Read more…

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