Wednesday , 24 January 2018
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VideoLAN Calls Out for Help to Protect Users from VLC Scams

VideoLAN, the organization supervising the development of the VLC open source media player is calling out for help from the community to stop scammers who bundle malware with its popular program. “At VideoLAN we’re really fed up with all those websites/companies that are tricking our users to download malware and violate our IP by distributing misleading versions of VLC without ... Read More »

Cyber theft illustrates Pentagon security challenge

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A foreign intelligence service stole 24,000 files from a U.S. defense contractor earlier this year, a dramatic illustration of the threat confronting the Pentagon as it works to bolster military computer security, a top defense official said on Thursday. Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn revealed the theft as he unveiled a new Pentagon cybersecurity strategy that designates ... Read More »

Apple software update thwarts iPhone-iPad hack

Apple on Friday released a software update to patch a vulnerability that hackers could use to break into the company’s popular iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch gadgets. The flaw made it possible for hackers to infiltrate Apple mobile devices by duping users into opening PDF document files booby-trapped with malicious computer code. Although no attacks have been observed, it was ... Read More »

hackers steal secret Pentagon plans

The US Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn has revealed that a foreign intelligence agency was behind a hack attack that stole classified information about a top secret weapons system. According to Aviation Week, the weapons system, which is under development, might have to be redesigned after the files were stolen from a military contractor’s computer network. Plans and confidential blueprints ... Read More »

How To Hide Your IP Address

You’ve probably heard about IP (Internet Protocol) addresses and how they can be used to track your activity online but did you know it’s fairly easy to obscure your IP address to cover your tracks? Since IP addresses are one of the primary identifiers on the Internet the ability to hide your IP address is very important from a web ... Read More »

10 Tips for safer Social Networking

10 Tips for safer Social Networking Did you know you’re a target every time you go online? Did you know that cyber criminals are targeting social networking sites? Do you know how to recognize a phishing attempt? Following these tips will help make your use of social networking sites safer. (Unfortunately, there’s no way to guarantee that you can use them ... Read More »