Wednesday , 24 January 2018
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Your Computer Appears to Be Infected by GOOGLE

Google today began warning more than a million Internet users that their computers are infected with a malicious program that hijacks search results and tries to scare users into purchasing fake antivirus software. Google security engineer Damian Menscher said he discovered the monster network of hacked machines while conducting routine maintenance at a Google data center. Menscher said when Google ... Read More »

How to disable Windows Auto-Play for removable drives

Stop the popup every time you plug in a USB drive !!    To disable AutoPlay for an individual device: Plug the device into your computer and allow any drivers to install completely. The AutoPlay window will pop up for the first time. Simply close it by clicking the red X. Disconnect the device, and then plug it back in. ... Read More »

Anonymous arrests tied to PayPal DDoS attacks

‘Anonymous’ arrests tied to PayPal DDoS attacks, FBI says The FBI said this afternoon that it had arrested a total of fourteen individuals thought to belong to the Anonymous hacking group for their alleged participation in a series of distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS) against PayPal last year. The defendants, all of whom were in the 20s or early 30s, were ... Read More »

Will Your Business Data Be Safe In the Cloud

// Will Your Business Data Be Safe In the Cloud ? It’s scary out there in the cloud. Data thieves, hackers, criminals, they’re all out there scouring the Internet around the clock for ways to get into your corporate networks so they can steal data from poorly protected businesses. So how can your enterprise safely use the cloud and what ... Read More »

TSA must rethink airport body scans

The Transportation Security Agency violated federal law when installing controversial full-body scanners in U.S. airports without following proper procedures, a federal appeals court ruled today. The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C., rejected arguments from the Obama administration that the TSA was exempt from laws requiring federal agencies to first notify the public and seek comments. “It is ... Read More »

MegaFon Leaks Confidential SMS Messages

Russian media reports that MegaFon leaked people’s personal SMS messages by allowing the Yandex search engine crawlers to index them. MegaFon is the second largest mobile phone operator in Russiawith over 30 million subscribers while Yandex operates the largest Internet search engine in the country with over 60% market share.// Apparently a glitch caused thousands of text messages sent by ... Read More »