Monday , 22 January 2018
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A Closer Look: What map apps can do for you

CHICAGO (AP) — Many people use smartphone apps to map their drive to dinner or find a less-congested route to work.

Here’s a look at what leading free map apps can do for you, whatever mode of transportation you choose:

Map apps give you the choice to input what mode of transportation you plan to take on your route.

If you choose transit on Google Maps, it will include the walk to and from the bus or subway stop in its directions.

If you use Apple Maps, you can research places and directions on the Mac’s Maps app and hit a share button to send the destination to your iPhone or iPad.

If I look up a destination on Google Maps on a Mac or Windows computer, the place is usually already there when I check my phone, as long as I’ve signed in to my Google account.

Here for Windows allows you to download maps for an entire state or country ahead of time so you can get directions when you don’t have an Internet connection or don’t want to pay for data roaming abroad.

The app is inconsistent in finding the right destination, but once it’s found, you can get voice navigation as long as your phone can locate a GPS signal.

Several third-party apps promise offline mapping, but you should expect to spend up to $10 on a premium version for anything useful.